March 5, 2020

Integrated Inspection Systems Achieves the Honor of the AS9100 Certification.

AS9100 Cert

AS9100 Certificate March 2020

Integrated Inspection Systems is constantly striving to improve the throughput and quality of our manufacturing processes. As new equipment and technology is added, we will be show casing these new capabilities on the News page. Please check back for updates on the future of Integrated’s manufacturing capabilities.

10/29/2018 –

Here at IIS, we are installing our latest equipment addition. We have added a new DMG Mori DMU 85 monoBlock, 5-Axis Mill. This machine not only adds 5-Axis capacity, it also increases our max work envelope by approximately 30%. Thank You to Ryan Green DMG Mori for your continued support and service.

DMU 85

04/11/2017 –

Because of Integrated’s constant drive for customer satisfaction and decreased span time on customer product, we have added a parts washer to our long list of provided goods. This new capability allows the opportunity to clean a casting after our machining processes to eliminate any possible contaminates before being returned to the customer.


02/16/2017 –

Equipment Upgrade – Integrated has completed the installation of a second DMG MORI 3-axis NVX 7000 CNC mill. This replaces the Cincinnati LAMB – FTV 850.1800, which has been decommissioned. The new machine is 60% more efficient than the machine it replaces. This represents an increase in total CNC capability of 22%.


12/26/2016 –

Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated team, Integrated Inspection Systems is now ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified.

ISO Border


12/21/2016 –

Integrated continues to reinvest and add capacity. Installation is complete and verification is underway on a new AIMS LM12.20.10 Coordinate Measuring Machine. This brings the total to 9 CMM’s here at IIS.




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